Business Overview

To increase her family income Virginia Perez and her daughter started a chicken production business in 2011.

Pollos Perez - Canglón, Panama

Economic Challenge

While many of the community members in Canglón work in agriculture through privately owned small farms, there are many other local businesses within the community. Local businesses in the area consist of five small stores that sell staple foods and snacks. Yet, The community has no access to credit. Larger financial institutions, which are inaccessible due to distance and cost, also do not approve loans to community members without a fixed income, making it very difficult for local micro-enterprises to grow and thrive.

Business Solution

The Business

With Global Brigades support Canglón established community bank in early 2015. With the opening of the community bank, community members have access to credit for the first time, and access to a savings account for the first time. Virginia Perez began raising and selling chickens in 2011 as a means to provide an income for her family. She was able to start her small business through the government program named “red de oportunidades” (network of opportunities), supported by the governmental agency MIDES (Ministry of Social Development) where Virginia is also employed. With $300 in monetary assistance, she was able to purchase the initial chickens, medicine, and food. Every 15 days, Virginia buys a new batch of 50 baby chicks (granted she has enough capital), which she raises to maturity over a period of 7-8 weeks. Twice a month, Virginia processes and sells all her chickens, mostly selling directly to buyers, who call in advance to place their orders. She enjoys a loyal base of approx. 20 customers who always buy from Virginia first. Any leftover product is sold via a local kiosk.

Next Steps

1: Improve marketing
2: Improve inadequate facilities
3: Improve consistency in production and sales

Page Last Updated: May 31, 2017