Project Overview

The cooperative of San Gabriel purchases grains directly from local producers and sells them within the community at a competitive price.

Basic Grain Sales - San Gabriel, Nicaragua

San Gabriel, located in a municipality with high poverty rates, is no exception. Despite a young and active population, very few community members have the ability to purchase their own land so a majority are forced to work for other land owners for daily rates. San Gabriel is located in a region of Nicaragua that has been very impacted by drought, significantly decreasing agricultural production and making a stable income increasingly difficult. Furthermore, due to lack of resources, farmers in San Gabriel typically have to sell their harvests to intermediaries at a low price.

Economic Solution

The recently established Cooperative in San Gabriel is launching a grain purchase and sale business. The business will purchase grains produced withing the community at a better price than that given by intermediaries. Grains will be stored and sold within the community at a lower price than community members would typically pay at nearby markets. Crops to be pruchased and sold include beans, corn, rice and oil.

The Grain Business currently has the following goals:

1: Create purchasing agreements with producers
2: Partner with local Cooperative to purchase more grain