Project Overview

Omar Perez is a hard-working and highly motivated farmer, entrepreneur, and community
leader. His dream is to expand his production and turn his farm into a sustainable farm that
generates enough income to provide better education for local farmers and improve the quality of living for his family

Perez Agricultural Venture - Ibedi Guna, Panama

Omar has planted nearly 12,000 otoe plants since 2016, using a $100 loan from the Ibedi Guna Community Bank to expand the crop. Since consulting with Global Business Brigade volunteers, Omar has diversified his production to include corn and a chicken coop.

  • Business Owner(s):  Omar Perez
  • Date Established:  N/A
  • Community Members Involved:  3

Economic Challenge

  • Omar’s farm is located several hours from the town center, adding to the logistics and time cost of working the land
  • The supply chain management structure of the venture is inconsistent and uncertain

Economic Opportunity

Despite the challenges Omar currently faces, his venture has many opportunities. As a founding member and current President of the Ibedi Guna Community Bank, Omar has demonstrated strong leadership skills and his developed his financial literacy skills. While his farm is located far from the town center, his new chicken venture is strategically located next to the Panamerican highway, reducing the cost of logistics to transport his chickens to local markets and restaurants.

Future Tasks for Omar

Omar would like to receive training on topics that could help his business such as:

1: Create a new business plan for his chicken coop
2: Calculate his loan payment capacity
3: Create and inventory system to track sales