Business Overview

Located in the community of Curtí in East Panama, Jimmy Gonzalez and his entrepreneurial family are active members in the Community Bank and are looking to expand a bakery business.

Jimmy's Bakery - Curtí, Panama

Economic Challenge

Jimmy and his family are active members of the Community Bank in Curtí that was established with the help of Global Brigades in 2016. His daughter, Yenireth, is currently serving as the Community Bank President. Jimmy hopes to provide his community with fresh baked, high-quality products and provide his family with increased income. He has some experience producing and selling plantains but is looking to take advantage of his access to capital through the Community Bank and the Business Brigades program to build his new business. Jimmy expects a  large potential for growth in this market, as there are no current bakeries near the area of Curtí.

  • Business Owner(s): Jimmy Gonzalez
  • Community Members Involved:  2 (Jimmy and Sixta Gonzalez)

Economic Challenge

  • Has not kept financial records of his economic activities
  • Has not actively practiced baking in 15 years
  • He owns low-quality baking gear (somewhat deteriorated)  



Business Solution

The Business

  • Mr. Jimmy has a lot of experience as a baker.
  • He is the only baker in the area.
  • He has many contacts and places to sell his bread and bakery products.
  • He already offers a wide variety of products.

Next Steps

1: Develop a business plan
2: Business administration and bookkeeping
3: Inventory management

Page Last Updated: September 29, 2017