Global Brigades is an international non-profit that empowers communities to meet their health and economic goals through university volunteers and local teams.

Current Micro-enterprise Projects

GBB volunteers work with micro-enterprises to support in various business areas, such as marketing, finances, supply chain, growth strategy and more. See some of our current projects below.


On Going

Bakery - Ekumfi Ebuakwa, Ghana

Seeing a market opportunity and to save their fellow community members time and money to obtain basic baked goods, the community of Ekumfi Ebuakwa established a bakery business in May…
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Chair & Canopy Rental - Ekumfi Egyankwa, Ghana

To serve the market for cultural events in the region, the community of Ekumfi Egyankwa started a Chair and Canopy Rental business in May 2013.
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Corn Processing Mill - Ekumfi Adansemaim, Ghana

Motivated by spoiling crops and excessive travel to process their corn, the members of Adansemaim donated community land and invested in a corn processing mill.
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Fishing Boat - Ekumfi Srafa Aboano, Ghana

To prevent young fisherman from leaving the community to seek work elsewhere and to generate more profit for the community in general a fishing boat was purchased to increase production.

Gari & Corn Processing Mill - Ekumfi Ekotsi, Ghana

To prevent crop production from going bad before sale, the community of Ekumfi Ekotsi started a gari and corn processing mill in May 2011.


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Agricultural Store - El Ojochal, Honduras

To meet the needs of community farmers to increase production and also generate profit, an Agricultural Supplies store was established in 2014 in El Ojochal.
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Bakery - El Cantón, Honduras

The women owned bakery in El Cantón purchases ingredients within the community and now delivers thousands of baked goods regionally, while employing community members in production, delivery, administration, and sales.
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Bakery - Fray Lazaro, Honduras

Motivated by lack of work, especially for women in the community, and the existing market for baked goods in the area, Fray Lazaro established a bakery business in November 2015.
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Coffee Cooperative - El Zurzular, Honduras

The El Zurzular Coffee Cooperative was developed to support the community's coffee farmers, which is the main source of income for the community.
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Tilapia Farm - El Jute, Honduras

The tilapia production business was established in March 2016, in El Jute with the support of the Higher Quest Foundation. Their goal is to produce over 4,000 lbs. of fish…


On Going

Basic Grain Sales - San Gabriel, Nicaragua

The cooperative of San Gabriel purchases grains directly from local producers and sells them within the community at a competitive price.
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Chair & Table Rental - Encuentros de San Gabriel, Nicaragua

The people of Encuentros de San Gabriel started a Chair & Table Rental business to meet local demand and infuse income into the community.
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Chicken Farm - El Naranjo, Nicaragua

Due to drought and the lack of jobs, the community of El Naranjo established a chicken farm in 2016.
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Community Corn and Cashew Farm - El Salto, Nicaragua

The community members of El Salto will produce corn and cashews on land rented by the community collectively.
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Lime Orchard - El Hatillo, Nicaragua

The people of El Hatillo have started a lime orchard to sell the fruit to local supermarkets and diversify their community's economy.


On Going

Egilio & Berta Organics - Ipeti Embera, Panama

Having recently moved back to Ipeti, Egilio, and his wife Berta are starting up a organic farming business.
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Model Farm - Piriati Embera, Panama

To combat environmental degradation and increase economic production in the community the people of Piriati established the Piriati-Poapono Model Farm business.
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Pollos Perez - Canglón, Panama

To increase her family income Virginia Perez and her daughter started a chicken production business in 2011.
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Jimmy's Bakery - Curtí, Panama

Jimmy and his entrepreneurial family want to improve the community’s access to fresh bread and bakery sweets.
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Kiosko Olivia - Curtí - Panama

Olivia Mona owns a roadside kiosk and is looking to improve her business as well as her farm where she grows plantains and raises chickens.
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Finca Werara Crincha - Ipeti Embera, Panama

The Finca Ecoturistica Werãrã Crincha was established by the Environmental Committee of Ipeti Embera to showcase sustainable agricultural practices and introduce tourists to local agriculture.
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Platero's Chicken Venture- Curtí, Panama

Carolina Platero is starting a small business that produces chicken to be sold in local stores. She currently has no form of personal income but is excited to get her…
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Kiosko La Fula - Ibedi Guna, Panama

Etimilda Diaz is a proud member of the Community Bank since its inception. Right next to the bank office, she manages a kiosk that sells various items such as chicken,…
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Kiosco Alexi- Ibedi Guna, Panama

Kiosco Alexi is a small shop located in the center of Ibedi Guna, selling a wide variety of products, including foodstuff and personal hygiene products
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Nisbundorgan Artisan Group - Ibedi Guna, Panama

Meaning shooting star in the indigenous Guna language, the Nisbundorgan Artisan Group is a cooperative of local women dedicated to preserving Guna culture through the creation and sales of traditional…
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Mrs. Garcia's Chicken and Cebaderas- Ipeti Colono, Panama

Mrs. García crafts "cebaderas" which are saddlebags for people to carry their groceries while on horseback. She is also the treasurer of the Community Bank in Ipeti Colono and is…
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Biodelda's Designs- Ipeti Colono, Panama

Biodelda is a long-time seamstress who learned the skill from her grandmother. She creates traditional Panamanian dresses common for special occasions.
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Abarroteria Raysa- Ipeti Colono, Panama

Mrs. Castillo is one of the newest members of the community bank in Ipeti Colono and is currently a local store owner that provides her community with all kinds of…
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Chicken Venture, Andrea Campos - Zapallal, Panama

Located in the Zapallal community in Darien, Andrea Campos is an active member of the Community Bank and has been in the business of raising and selling chickens for nearly…
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Gonzalez Pork Venture - Canglon, Panama

Mrs. Gonzalez has begun raising pigs to sell to local markets and restaurants, where pork is in high demand
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Guillermina Chicken Venture - Canglon, Panama

Maria Guillermina is a founding member and the Secretary of the Canglon Community Bank, who has also opened a chicken venture to save money for her children.
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Perez Agricultural Venture - Ibedi Guna, Panama

Omar Perez is dedicated to turning his otoe (cocoyam) farm into a more sustainable venture through diversified permaculture projects

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